Beauty in the breakdown

“God is within her, she will not fall.”- Psalm 46:5

We have all had to walk through difficult times in our lives. Some seasons seem to last longer than we’d like– but we must keep on pressing forward (what other choice do we have?) and look to God for our peace, wisdom, and clarity. Never giving up, and never surrendering to the lie that life will never be good again.

There can be such beauty in the breakdown. When we fall, when we cease to see things in an eternal perspective, and when we just feel like giving up– there is still hope. Beautiful things can come from broken places, as we heal and grow, we can choose to bloom–expectant of wonderful things that will come to us. It’s all about perspective.

When I was growing up, I had a mental picture of what I thought life would look like. There were no hard times, no struggles– only blissful happiness, rainbows, and sunshine. I was unaware of the curve balls that life would throw at me.

Learning to be at peace through hard times is a challenge, but it is absolutely possible. Let go, and let God hold you. We have no idea what these difficult seasons are preparing us for.

Letting others in, and allowing yourself to be honest and open, is very healing. You may be helping someone else heal by sharing your own experiences. Who can you reach out to today and help by sharing your personal journey?

Keep loving and learning 🙂


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