Our Mission

How can we serve and love others?

Uplifting others with an encouraging word.  Baking cookies for your neighbor.  Offering to babysit for that single parent you know needs help.  Paying for the guy behind you in the drive-thru.  Volunteering your services at a local shelter.  Asking the cashier at the store how his day is going. Smiling at a stranger. Visiting someone who is sick. The list goes on….

A fire inside…

I’ve noticed that what makes me feel most alive is when I’m helping, loving, and speaking life to others. I was recently watching an Instagram video of a woman who had lost her husband. She was at the gas station and two men saw her filling up her tank with only pennies. They offered her cash and a word of encouragement. The women was so shocked and began to cry. “How can I repay you?” she asked. The men simply stated they were paying it forward, and they did not expect anything in return. Random acts of kindness!

This scenario is one of many that makes my heart and soul burn with compassion for those around us who are in desperate need of love, a kind word, anything we can offer them.  

God has given each of us gifts we can use to minister to others.  So, my hope for this initiative/blog/ministry, is that it will uplift and encourage you to do for others as often as possible– to reach out and bless them. For in doing this, you will also be blessed! 

Many posts will also focus inward, on how we can also love and care for ourselves (which is vitally important!).

Let’s get out there and change the world through love with a servant’s heart. More coming soon…